We’re exhibiting at Enforcement Summit 2023

Enforcement Summit - Penham Excel


We’re looking forward to exhibiting at the Enforcement Summit at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham on 13th June which is exploring latest policy, legislative and operational developments in the field of traffic, parking, air quality and debt recovery regulation.

The event encompasses: local authority enforcement operations; management of parking on private land; and the collection of road traffic, parking and other debts.

The Enforcement Summit attracts top parking managers, transport planners, and urban professionals attend this industry leading conference and exhibition – where they learn of new technologies, discover new services and source suppliers.

Presentations and discussion forums will include:

  • Civil parking enforcement
  • Moving traffic regulations
  • Clean air schemes
  • Road user charging
  • Tackling nuisance vehicles and persistent evaders
  • Balancing education and enforcement to encourage compliance
  • Intelligence-led enforcement and debt recovery
  • The enforcement of anti-social behaviour (littering, fly-tipping, noise issues)
  • The role of civil enforcement agents in multi-agency enforcement operations
  • Managing appeals and representations
  • Engaging with vulnerable debtors
  • Training civil enforcement agents and the back office
  • The use of ANPR as an enforcement and detection tool
  • The effective collection, management and use of data
  • The regulation of parking and trespass on car parks and private land

We look forward to seeing you there.

You can discover more details here: https://www.enforcementsummit.co.uk