Removal of travellers in Stafford

Removal of Travellers

Having received instructions from Stafford Borough Council about an illegal encampment at Doxey Road Lorry Park in Stafford on Tuesday 28th November, seven of our enforcement officers were deployed for the removal of travellers, arriving on site at approximately 13:45pm to find seven caravans in situ but no suitable towing vehicles.

Upon arrival our officers were met by several female travellers who advised that they could not leave the site as one of their numbers was pregnant. Our lead officer advised that if they did not leave voluntarily a tow truck would be deployed to the site to remove all caravans with assistance from Police support. The female travellers then made several phone calls and shortly afterwards two cars and five male travellers arrived on site.

At 14:45pm the lead officer advised our office that more travellers had arrived at the site and that one caravan had vacated with two other preparing to leave. As our in-house tow truck was en route to the site, although the travellers had started to leave we thought it expedient to let the truck attend just in case. The last of the travellers vacated the site at 16:40 leaving a small quantity of rubbish and litter behind.