Penham Excel remove travellers from play area in West Bromwich

Penham Excel last week (Friday 29th July) successfully removed travellers from a play area in West Bromwich, after 100 plus caravans had moved into the open space after being ordered to move from a another nearby site.

Having been issued with a section 61 ordering them to move from Schofield Avenue and Wyntor Lane, in West Bromwich, they headed to nearby Ball’s Hill play area, between Chester Road and Brindley Road. Volunteers spent five years raising around £40,000 to turn the park into a haven for families, complete with a play area and gym so were obviously disturbed when travellers moved onto the land.

We were contracted by Sandwell Council on Friday to remove the travellers who had been there since Tuesday evening. Our team of eight enforcement officers and a tow truck arrived on site and were supported by Sandwell Police Officers. Initially our agents were met with a high level of hostility and aggression but thankfully the travellers soon realised we meant business and were prepared to tow the caravans away if they did not move. Within hours of our agents being on site the travellers made their move but unfortunately left a trail of destruction with rubbish and human excrement left everywhere.

Local residents have been advised to stay off the land until the mess has been cleared up and a petition has now been started to get permanent barriers erected round the open space.

You can see media coverage of this job including photographs by clicking the links below to the Express & Star: