Penham Excel moves on travellers from illegal encampment in Wolverhampton

Penham Excel


Penham Excel yesterday came to the aid of Wolverhampton City Council to break up an illegal encampment of travellers that had broken into a transit site in the city.

The transit site on Gorsebrook Road was broken into last Wednesday and occupied by a large group of travellers. We initially attended the site on Monday to serve notice on the occupants ahead of yesterday’s large operation.

The site contained 15 caravans and our team of enforcement agents executed the required instruction from the council. We used our street lifters to move the concrete blocks that abstruct the entrance so they could move their caravans and vehicles safely from the site, and worked with two police forces, in the West Midlands and Manchester to retrieve one of the travellers vans that had been seized up north in order for the traveller to remove his caravan.

Once the travellers had vacated the area we lifted the concrete blocks back into position and secured the site for our client.

Whilst we were on site we used the opportunity to carry out some valuable analysis for Wolverhampton Council, with one of our DVLA ANPR vehicles, situated on the main road outside of the site, clocking over 200 untaxed vehicles passing through.

An average of 20 per hour highlights the growing issue of untaxed and dangerous vehicles on our streets, which is something we are actively addressing with local authorities and the DVLA, and something Wolverhampton Council is also looking to address.

Pictured below are some images from the operation. Please click on any image to open the gallery and view larger versions.