Penham Excel evicts travellers from transit site in Dudley

Penham Excel evicts travellers from transit site in Dudley - Penham Excel

On Friday 19th January we were asked by Dudley Council to remove travellers who had turned up at their Budden Road temporary transit site and had refused to pay a deposit or rent to stay there.

We sent an enforcement team complete with removal vehicles to the site and successfully moved them on, albeit after we were met by what can only be described as a hostile reception. At first they refused to move, then when our vehicles were deployed they obstructed and climbed on to them. Our team used their experience to negotiate a peaceful resolution and all travellers left the site early in the afternoon.

Not only had the travellers refused to pay any rent they also left the site in a disgusting manner, with rubbish spread across the whole area whilst the WC units will need to be completely refurbished costing the council a lot of money.

The temporary transit site on Budden Road site was originally set up as a facility to encourage travellers to use rather than setting up illegal encampments which has cost the council on average in excess of £150,000 per annum. Caravans can stay for up to 28 days, 3 times in any 12-month period. This can also be extended in exceptional circumstances. Travellers can stay on the site after paying a short term lease and paying a deposit which is refunded if no damage is caused.