Making headlines with the BPA

We’ve been making headlines over the last few months working with the BPA (British Parking Assoc ation) to lobby for meaningful changes in legislation to the Traffic Management ACT (TMA) with regard to nuisance motorists / persistent evaders in our communities. This week we presented our findings and plan to a Parliamentary Roundtable at Westminster.

Please see links below to articles published in the Politics First and Parking News Magazines:


Nuisance MotoristsNuisance motorists cost local authorities over £500m per year

This article was published jointly with the BPA for Politics First, a leading and widely respected non-partisan publication for the Houses of Parliament, devolved assemblies, councils and British Members of the European Parliament and reaches desks of all of the UK’s policy makers.

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Parking NewsInvisible motorists

Louise Parfitt, Parking News Editor and Dave Smith, BPA Head of Public Affairs and Communications spent time with Penham Excel in an ANPR car in Brighton and were astounded at the number of unlawful motorists hiding in plain sight and how many had no MOT, insurance or road tax.

Louise’s experience helped shape the lead article and front page of the September issue of Parking News.

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