If an initial trace is negative we can provide a full Trace Monitoring Service, whereby we place the case on internal hold and revive it for example in 3-6 months time thereby allowing the debtor to reappear on databases.

Statistics prove that this elapsed time period is sufficient to allow the debtor to leave footprints, so that they can then be traced to a new location. All Trace & Investigation is available on our PECS system for live viewing.

If the trace is positive it is then automatically allocated to one of our Enforcement Agents throughout the UK. Speed is crucial in allocating the case to the agent in order to make the collection before the debtor has the opportunity to move on again.

Administering phone calls

As well as reports from our Enforcement Agents our Administration Team working on the contract do undoubtedly receive anonymous, unhelpful, irate, vague and uncooperative callers who wish to inform us that the person we are looking for:

  • Doesn’t live at the address
  • Has moved from the address
  • Has never lived at the address
  • Only stays at the address on occasions
  • Owns the property but doesn’t live there
  • Has left the country and is not due back