On cases where we have received a verbal claim of GANT (Gone Away No Trace), our Administration Team are required before concluding a conversation to establish certain details which would verify the caller’s claim, through making profile of information gathering questions.

Questions include:

  • And your name is?
  • Do you live at that address?
  • When did Mr./Mrs. (debtor) leave?
  • Which month was that?
  • So you’re registered at that address?
  • Did you buy the property from Mr./Mrs. (debtor)?
  • Do you have a forwarding address for Mr/Mrs (debtor)?
  • Can you give me the name of the Solicitor/Estate Agent used?
  • Does Mr/Mrs (debtor) still collect their mail?
  • Can you supply me with the name/address of any one who may be able to supply me with any further information?

Questions such as these are designed specifically to gain a response/reply, which can be used to confirm or judge a claim.

There are numerous questions to be asked, yet only a few verifying answers are required in order to satisfy our requirements and obligations of service.

Although our office will often receive a telephone call from a new occupier, irate at the fact that Enforcement Agents have appeared at their property, our administration team are trained not to feel intimidated out of asking Profile Questions. We are also able to complete current occupiers questionnaires on the doorstep, on behalf of the council, to confirm occupier for billing.

We try to convince the caller, that the answers to the questions are required for our clients’ records to be amended, and to stop further action at the property.

We do not bully callers into answering the questions, we simply try to show them that it is in their interest to supply the relevant information whilst at all times remaining polite and courteous. It is always our objective to ascertain facts which will confirm a claim that a person has vacated the property. It still may be necessary for a Enforcement Agent to attend the property, as the caller may in fact be the debtor.