Penham Excel’s proven methods of debt recovery encompass all available legal avenues of recovery prior to litigation, combining traditional letter and doorstep methods with the advanced technology employed within our tele-collection centre.

Using letter sequences with proven high success rates and employing experienced and tactful telephone operators who are success driven, ensures that our internal recovery operations achieve consistently high collection rates.

We fully embrace the fact that time is a major factor in the recovery of debts within both the public and private sector, and we instigate recovery procedures within 24 hours of receiving instructions.

Our state of the art bespoke telephone and computer system ensures that payment arrangements are accepted and monitored on a regular basis and remittances to the authority or private client can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly as required.

Should our internal recovery procedures prove less than successful, all outstanding cases are passed to our doorstep recovery personnel.

Our external recovery department works together with our enforcement facility, maximising geographical coverage and providing a truly nationwide service.

External recovery is undertaken by our own, fully trained recovery staff who are qualified Enforcement Agents and have been fully vetted by the County Court, in addition to our internal stringent vetting procedures – so you can be wholly certain of a professional and tactful approach.

We have a very high success rate in this area of collection, relieving clients of expensive resources. A commission rate applies to all monies collected.