Where possible we will consider using the powers afforded under Common Law without the need for Court action. However, if it is necessary to obtain a Writ of Possession our dedicated solicitors will be able to advise and assist and even transfer your case to the High Court for enforcement if appropriate.

Once a Writ of Possession has been granted our High Court Enforcement Officers can execute the Writ quickly and professionally. At Penham Excel we work with local authorities and private landlords undertaking the removal of unauthorised encampments (often called gypsies or travellers) on a regular basis from public and private land. Our process includes initial written warnings through to the complete removal of vehicles, property and trespassers on the day of eviction.

Acting promptly will reduce the damage, mess and any losses that can result from their habitation as well as the number of complaints from the general public.

At Penham Excel we will deal with your instruction quickly and efficiently, operating with the minimum amount of fuss and always within the constraints of the law to protect your reputation.

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