Unauthorised occupation of your commercial property is something that most property owners dread!  It is important to act quickly to avoid the problem getting much worse where more squatters arrive and damage is caused.  There is also the fact that often they will use your electricity!

With squatters you will need to consult your solicitor quickly to obtain an Order for Possession and once you have this send us a copy of the Order without delay.  If you wish we can arrange for our solicitors Hand Morgan & Owen to act on your behalf on a client basis to obtain the Order for Possession.

Once the Possession Order has been obtained we will transfer the case to the High Court for enforcement in the name of one of our Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers.

On receipt of the Writ of Possession from the High Court (usually within seven days) we can act quickly for you.  Normally we can plan the operation and execute the Writ within a few days.

Our experienced Agents are located throughout the country and are all County Court Certificated Enforcement Agents and Authorised High Court Enforcement Agents.

We are here to ease the situation for you and to regain your property at the earliest opportunity.

Contact us here for more information and assistance in the Removal of squatters from your property.