We serve Court papers on behalf of Solicitors, Lawyers, Local Authorities, Government Agencies and Companies throughout England & Wales.

If you have a legal document which requires serving such as a Statutory Demand, Bankruptcy Petitions, Winding-Up Orders, Injunctions, Claim Forms, Court Orders or Divorce papers, then one of our experienced process servers can do this for you. Once served we will provide you with the appropriate certificate, statement or affidavit to confirm the service.

You can instruct Penham Excel safe in the knowledge that an experienced process server is working hard for you, to ensure the papers are served as quickly as possible and at a fixed rate. Our staff are tenacious and persistent in their approach to serving documents enabling us to have a high success rate in personal service upon even the most evasive of subjects.

We guarantee

To serve your documents promptly and in accordance with CPR rules
To ensure we protect your reputation by being polite and courteous
To serve the papers in accordance with your special instructions
To ensure all Data Protection and Human Rights legislation is adhered to
To keep you updated at all times and advise you when service has been made
To monitor all cases we are dealing with and ensure they are returned to you on time
That all statements or affidavits will be completed correctly