At Penham Excel we enforce Council Tax liability orders for a number of Local Authorities throughout the UK.

In these difficult times, due to the economic downturn, there is a significant increase in householders and businesses defaulting on council tax payments and we help Local Authorities maximise their revenue stream through a proven collection service delivery model.

We understand that taxation has to be collected in an effective, professional and receptive manner and we tailor our services to the exact requirements of each client.

Our Council Tax Recovery service includes

Tailored solutions ranging from fully-managed services to specialist support in specific areas such as system administration, call processing, debt recovery and correspondence processing.
State of the art client enabled PECS software system with live data fed from qualified Enforcement Agents out in the field.
Dedicated Trace and Investigation department providing critical information in locating absconders.
Carrying out specific campaigns focusing on either reducing collection costs or improving collection performance (i.e. charging orders, bankruptcies, outbound calling to promote direct debits and chasing outstanding arrears).
Innovative solutions embracing best practice and latest technologies.
Working closely with Local Authorities on Customer Care and Anti Poverty Strategies.