We can now collect your Commercial Rent Arrears, Service Charges and Insurance debts on a FREE of Charge* basis.

We have teamed up with Chris Grocock, Partner and Head of Debt Recovery and Insolvency at Wilkin Chapman LLP, a leading law firm. Chris acts for a wide variety of small businesses, larger commercial organisations, local authorities and insolvency practitioners and specialises in debt collection, commercial litigation and insolvency work.

In the 2011 edition of the Legal 500, a leading source of information on the legal services sector, the firm’s debt recovery department is singled out for praise. In particular, Chris is highlighted as being an ‘expert in his field’.

*In a worst case scenario, the only fee that could be incurred if the case was lost would be the Court fee. All other costs including Penham Excel and the Solicitors would be free of charge.

Frequently asked questions, that you may find helpful

Why choose Penham Excel?

With a proven 14 years experience specialising in the collection of Commercial Rent Service Charge and Insurance you can be guaranteed of a professional , friendly and prompt service in the collection of your arrears.

Understanding that arrears have to be collected with a firm but fair approach and always keeping in mind that crucial Landlord / Property Management and Tenant relationship.

Providing a Nationwide service – With a fully employed team of Enforcement Agents working each and every day throughout England and Wales we can promise a genuine Nationwide service.

Specialist advisers that can talk you through any questions you may have on the New Tribunal Courts and Enforcement Act and associated regulations. We are always here to help and if required will attend your offices to talk through all you need to know about the Act and Regulations all completely Free of Charge.

Looking ahead – We recognised that with the new regulations, Landlords and Property Management Companies could find it difficult to collect outstanding Service Charge & Insurance debts, so by working with Wilkin Chapman LLP we can collect these for you.

How do you instruct Penham?

Click the link below to instruct us online

Instruction to collect Service Charge / Insurance form

What Happens Next?

A Pre-Legal Letter will be issued to the tenant requesting payment. If being instructed to collect the rent at the same time this can accompany the letter of Compliance for the rent arrears. If payment is received at this stage it is remitted same day from our clients account to any account of your choice.

What happens if no payment is made for the Insurance / Service charge?

Our team in the Commercial Rent Arrears department will put together a legal pack complete with all the documents relating to the initial instruction. They will liaise with Wilkin Chapman LLP ready for Court action.

What are the charges to the Landlord / Property management company for the legal action?

The services of our Enforcement Team and our Transfer-Up Service are FREE, however the charges to the solicitor for obtaining an initial Judgment, and the Court Fee of £60 for the transferring of your case to the High Court, would be due should we be unsuccessful in collecting your outstanding debt. Should you wish to discuss this please call our team who will be happy to help you.

How Successful is the court action?

Very, we do not just stop with a Court Judgment, any debt value over £600 is transfered by ourselves to the High Court. We can then look to enforce the debt as High Court Enforcement Officers.

What other action can take place if needed at this stage?

Bankruptcy (Against an individual not a Ltd Company and with this no judgment is required before action commences) Winding Up (Used against companies and again with this no judgment is required before action commences)