Drama in Dudley!

Drama in Dudley! Penham Excel


One of our Enforcement Agents had to endure verbal abuse and physical threats yesterday whilst out doing his duty and clamping a vehicle that had no tax, no MOT and was illegally and dangerously parked on double yellow lines.

As he fitted the clamp, the female owner of the vehicle approached claiming she couldn’t afford to pay and verbally abused our agent. She then rang her husband and passed the phone to our agent. The husband threatened our agent by saying he was going to come down and ‘kick his head in’ if he didn’t remove the clamp. Our agent explained the situation and got in his car. The husband then arrived on the scene banging on the windows and trying to get in and attack our agent. Our agent contacted the Police who arrived instantly and spoke to the husband. As our agent got out of the vehicle to speak to the police, the husband then ran at him and had to be literally rugby tackled to the floor and handcuffed by the police officers.

The female owner, seeing her husband could be arrested, then paid the amount outstanding for the vehicle tax, the clamp was removed, and the husband was released.

All in a day’s work for an Enforcement Agent trying to protect our local communities from dangerous vehicles! Many thanks to the officers from Dudley Police for their prompt handling of the situation.