Who are Penham Excel Ltd?

We are a certificated Enforcement Agents who have been instructed to recover a debt on behalf of our client that you have failed to pay.

What is a Liability Order/Warrant of Execution?

This authorises an Enforcement Agent on behalf of the courts to attend your property to collect full payment or to remove goods to discharge the debt. Other methods could include:

  • Contacting you by telephone and/or letter
  • An Enforcement Agent attending your property which may involve the removal of your goods.
  • Removal of your vehicle to be sold at public auction
  • Advising you that our client has obtained a County Court Judgement and/or proceeding for an attachment of earnings, or benefits
  • Serving a bankruptcy petition or statutory demand
  • Obtaining a warrant for Arrest and appearance in court

I am not the person on this notice?

Contact our head office on 01785 224 999 and speak to one of our advisors who will ask you to provide some details about yourself and we can then stop all Enforcement Agent activity until we have investigated further.

I have a query with the amount or an agreement in place?

If you do not believe the amount to be correct or if you have already paid it or set up an agreement to pay, then please contact us on 01785 224 999 with your reference number and we will check your information out.

What if l can’t pay the amount owed?

Don’t ignore our correspondence, the debt will not go away. Action can and will continue and charges will be added to the original debt to cover charges for the recovery process. Contact us now on 01785 224 999 and we may be able to help you.

Why do l have to pay your charges?

You lost the right to pay the local authority when the case went to court. If you endeavour to pay the council directly you will still be liable for the costs incurred for the administration and enforcement of the liability order/warrant of execution and may incur further costs whilst we attempt to recover the outstanding money.

How are the charges calculated?

Schedule 12 of the The Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and Associated Regulations