If you’re a landlord looking for Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery in Warwickshire, then you need to speak to our specialist team at Penham Excel.

We understand that regular and consistent rent payments are critical to cash flow relating to your commercial property portfolio. This is why we have a dedicated CRAR team to assist you recover commercial rent arrears quickly and efficiently, whilst still operating within the constraints of the new legislation which came into force on 6th April 2014.

We are also aware that the future relationship between landlord and tenant needs to be protected, and never jeopardised through unprofessional third party behaviour. We ensure results by following a process and procedure that is simple yet very effective in the delivery of Commercial Arrears Rent Recovery (CRAR). Completely sensitive to the tenant’s situation yet very conscious of the landlord’s needs, we will act within any guidelines set by you to enforce payment and rent recovery.

Eliminating lengthy court applications and litigation, our very experienced and professional certificated enforcement agents are empowered to act upon your written instructions.

95% Collection Rate of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery at Compliance Stage

We recognise that our clients depend on our professionalism and speed of recovery, and to facilitate this we have a team of fully employed certificated enforcement agents available to make a first visit as soon as the statutory notice period has expired. With a collection rate of over 95% on the first visit at compliance stage and prompt same day remittance of any cleared funds collected to you, we pride ourselves on a client focussed, professional yet personal service.

Following the introduction of the new regulations our clients are taking advantage of this service using us effectively as a credit control function to speed up payments. A 7 day letter can be issued within 24 hours of the due date to avoid tenants working the system to aid their own cash flow.

No fee to the landlord & same day remittance of payment

There is no commission charge or handling fee to the property owner, landlord, lawyer, or agent, all charges being legally borne by the tenant, and all monies collected are immediately remitted upon clearance.

We also operate a completely separate client bank account assuring you of full security.

Get in first

If you are in talks with a tenant and require protection for both the tenant and you as the landlord, we can help. We can work with both landlord and tenant together and achieve action that stops Rates, Inland Revenue and VAT from stepping in and removing goods from the premises.

Keeping you informed

Our CRAR team will keep you updated every step of the way, by telephone, email or direct client access to our bespoke computer system. This system shows you exactly what we see on our screen; up to date notes from the bailiff, documents, photographs and full detail on all transactions and arrangements.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery in Warwickshire  – Instruct us here

It’s easy to instruct us, simply complete the CRAR Instruction Form here and we will begin immediate recovery action by issuing the Statutory Compliance letter.

For more information on our Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery in Warwickshire service, please contact our CRAR team on: 01785 224 999