The PECS System is extremely secure with different levels of access allowed for our own internal employees and our clients. All data recorded and saved is encrypted to ensure safe keeping.

Each user is issued with log-in details and a password. Client administrators have the facility to control usage, access and change passwords whilst we can provide up to the minute reports on usage including who, when and where users logged on and what they viewed. General Admin Users’ have no entitlement to delete any records.

Record Keeping and Archiving

All case details are recorded and archived for a minimum of 6 years.

All non-automated data when the case is completed and it is no longer required will be securely stored for the required period. Documents to be kept are securely locked in a filing unit with access restricted to an authorised key holder. When any documentation is to be destroyed it is shredded and disposed of as confidential waste.

System Backup

Our systems are backed up every hour with multiple on and off site data copies thereby preventing a disaster scenario from occurring. In the event of a disaster scenario occurring we would therefore be fully operational within a matter of hours.

We also use software to check all our back-ups to ensure that no corruption has taken place within them.

At Penham Excel we also have a contract with a professional external IT company TCNS who are contracted to attend within 2 hours to re instate any issues with our server operation thereby minimising downtime. The provider also runs specialist software that reports both to them and us any problems with the servers operation and confirms backups are carried out timely and fully at the required times.

We have other ‘owned’ buildings within the group setup for us to use in the event of a disaster scenario. The phone systems are linked to these properties so our operations will run smoothly.

Data Protection

Penham Excel is Data Protection registered which helps protect our client’s interests within the required standards of law. It also ensures we comply with legislation, regulate, and provide information about good practice and how to apply it.