Through our PECS system, we can provide, on immediate request, any reporting requirements clients may have either electronically via email or in hard copy.

Our reporting tools provide information at a click of a mouse and reports are sent via encrypted email or hard copy dependent on the data being generated and individual clients requirements. The reports can be supplied in CSV, Excel, XML and PDF formats.

Individual reports or batch reporting can be supplied and typical example reports for other Local Authorities include, but are not restricted to:

Statistics Reports – Providing Statistics on overall collection performance broken down by each debt status type. These can be provided for an individual batch of cases or multiple batches. Reports can be supplied for all fields recorded on our system and comparisons made. Selection can be: on year of debt, debt type stage of debt location etc.
Client Payment Reports – These are provided for overall information alongside those reports sent to update clients systems
Status Reports – Providing details on the status of each and every case or batch dependent on report selection
Age Profile Reports – Providing age detail for each case in days or months or a summary of cases
Arrangement Reports – Providing full detail on all arrangements set, instalments, balances, dates for next payment etc.
Acknowledgement Reports – Details of all cases received, including the unique Penham reference number attached to each case. The report totals number of cases and balances to ensure data is correct and overcomes reconciliation discrepancies
No Action Report – an internal report that ensures no cases have become inactive
Broken Arrangement Reports – An Internal Report which supplies critical information on broken arrangements so that reinstatements can be achieved quickly to maximise collection rates
On Hold Report – detailing all cases on hold and why this action has taken place. It shows who instigated the hold whether client or Penham Excel and when this was instigated
Enforcement Agent Performance Reports – monitors the performance of each Enforcement Agent

All reports can be designed around our client needs and requirements. They can all be integrated in to our systems batch reporting scheduler which automates the production and sending arrangements as required. This provides accurate information that forms the basis for contract review meetings.

These reports can also be provided as raw data or imported into graphs and charts again dependent on our client’s specific needs.