At Penham Excel we have a bespoke web enabled system called PECS (Professional Enforcement Collection System) which provides a secure live client website log-in facility, which is interactive, enabling clients to communicate efficiently and effectively with our account management teams.

The PECS system fully integrates front and back end functions from initial instruction through to completion, invoicing and reconciliation.


The system is fully interactive and transparent and can provide automatic reports on all of the fields whilst any bespoke reports can be instantly generated by our internal IT department.

Secure login details are issued to each client’s representatives and full training on this easy to use system forms part of the implementation plan for all new clients and staff members.


This is a bespoke technically up to date system, which has comprehensive capabilities and reporting facilities. Due to us owning the system we can make on the run changes at our clients requests to tailor it exactly to your requirements.

The system accepts instructions via a variety of media. Client case updates by client web, fax, e-mail or post are all acceptable to suit individual clients requirements.

Penham Excel has made substantial and continuous investment in the adoption of new technology and this has increased the effectiveness of our processes and procedures whilst also having a positive effect on our environmental performance.

Our IT system is based on our extensive experience and knowledge stemming from our wide client base ensuring the most efficient processes of work are carried out both for the benefit of Penham Excel and for our clients.