Our account managers are responsible for the daily operation of all contracts and therefore familiar with, and duty bound to deliver, the respective SLAs and KPIs.

Regular management information provides an overview of actual performance against the agreed levels, which either illustrate compliance or highlight areas that may need attention or immediate improvement.

The production and format of management information is totally flexible and can be tailored to suit each client’s individual needs. These reports can be supplied electronically or in hard copy. Clients can also run customised reports directly from our PECS web enabled Enforcement Agent system that provides up to the minute live information on the activity levels of their respective contract.

Typically management information supplied for clients such as Local Authorities for the recovery of Council Tax and NNDR would consist of:

Number of cases received
Cases by stage
Cases on hold
Cases on Payment Arrangement
Payments received at any particular point
Cases paid in full
Direct payments logged
Cases withdrawn
Cases at Trace
No access cases
Cases returned as Nil effects / Nulla Bona
Cases returned unexecuted in the period, analysed by category (reason) type, value and recovery stage
The number, type and outcome of complaints received