Internal Audits

As a company that is committed to continuous improvement our quality manager regularly carries out internal audits on all elements of the business.

Each month we carry out an internal audit on a different area of the business where a representative number of records are determined and selected, on a random basis. The staff concerned are advised that a quality audit is being undertaken and any questions they may have are answered. The records selected are examined to determine whether the procedures were carried out correctly.

If procedures were not undertaken correctly, this is discussed with the appropriate member of staff responsible for carrying out the procedure to determine the reasons for deviation from the procedures.

The Audit Result Report is completed detailing the outcome and retained for follow up activity, specifically in terms of any objectives retained for inspection at the yearly external audit. The quality manager is advised of the results of the Audit and arranges for the results to be discussed at the next management review meeting.

All non-conformances, whether process deviation or client complaint, are recorded on the Non Conformance Register and reported to the quality manager who will agree a date for the rectification of the non-conformance.

Our organisation takes action to eliminate the cause of non-conformities in order to prevent recurrence by use of corrective actions appropriate to the effects of the non-conformities encountered. A documented procedure is established to define requirements for – reviewing non conformities (including customer complaints), determining the causes of non conformities, evaluating the need for action to ensure that non-conformities do not recur, determining and implementing action needed, records of the results of action taken and reviewing corrective action.

External Audits

As part of our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation Penham Excel is independently audited on a regular basis by external accreditors, Certified Quality Systems (CQS).