Employing the right staff is a crucial element of any successful business, but in our line of work it takes an even greater precedent.

In order to identify and employ quality candidates that will enhance our company’s reputation, we have a robust recruitment procedure that incorporates stringent pre-employment checks, that go above and beyond the standard requirements of the industry, before an offer of employment is made to applicants.

Our pre-employment checks include

Proof of Right to work
Proof of Identity
Proof of Residence
Financial Sanctions Check
Proof of Activity
Individuals Qualifications
Credit Reference Check
Criminal Reference Check

Once all of the checks have been carried out and an offer of employment has been accepted every new employee attends a comprehensive Induction Training Programme, receives a Staff Handbook and undergoes a 3 month trial period where they are monitored closely by experienced managers. For information on our Enforcement Agents Procedure please visit Enforcement Agent Training.