All of our staff including certificated Enforcement Agents are directly employed by Penham Excel which ensures we can offer clients a highly professional and consistent level of service throughout the life of a contract.

Our head office is in Staffordshire, however due to our nationwide coverage we have Enforcement Agents situated and operating in many different locations across England and Wales.

The management team at Penham Excel have over 150 years combined experience in this industry and understand the crucial role our staff have in protecting the good name of our clients whilst diligently going about their duties. We are committed to training and developing our employees and have a robust Code of Practice in place for Enforcement Agents who are monitored on a regular basis.

The code represents the minimum requirements that we expect of our Enforcement Agents. Our clients may well have additional requirements over and above those contained in the code, and where these contradict the document, the client requirements always takes precedence. We accept that having been given a mandate by a client, we are a representative of them and as a result we ensure our Enforcement Agents act in a dignified, polite and correct manner at all times.

Our Managing Director Philip Hammonds and General Manager Jane Worley take an active role in the day to day running of the business and have overseen the implementation and maintenance of large public and private sector contracts, supported by a dedicated and loyal workforce both at the head office and out in the field.