At Penham Excel we adopt GEO Fencing techniques ensuring all of our vehicles are fitted with Tracker Systems and that audits are carried out by the respective contract manager to check against time sheets and attendance dates in relation to the information generated by Tracker.

Geofencing is a term that refers to the practice of limiting mobile employees such as Enforcement Agents to a specific geographic location by tracking their whereabouts via the technology of a global positioning system (GPS) and is used for lone workers safety.

We Geofence into the area, out of the area and home. The tracker system alerts the office when the Enforcement Agent has returned home safely.

Tracker device features

Key ignition starts/stop time locations
Location with latitude and longitude
Linked to street view map reports
Address visited reports and postcodes
Provides Timesheets
Over speed reports

Our offices are equipped with large screens where pop-up alerts occur with any set criteria like alerts on speeding, safe home returns, vehicle stopped for too long etc. This provides us with valuable information to contact the Enforcement Agent to ensure his/her safety. The Tracker system is also used to optimise calls to trace agents whereabouts to see who is closest to a call. Secondary to this their PDA also records latitude and longitude for visits undertaken.

All reports are immediately available to clients whilst historic reports from the previous 12 months can be requested through Tracker. Reports can be emailed or texted via SMS.