At Penham Excel we recognise that our activities, products and services impact the environment and that managing these implications is an integral part of good management practice.

We acknowledge a responsibility for, and a commitment to the protection of the environment at all levels. We are an employer who is open and receptive to suggestions from our staff on how we can make better use of energy, reduce our environmental and carbon impact and improve the management of these areas and, in doing so, to reduce CO2 emissions in line with UK statutory and international obligations.

Although the business is principally electronically based and produces very little office waste, as a company we recycle all of our office waste paper and adopt practises of non-printing of emails and other documents where not completely necessary. Ink cartridges and computers are also sent for recycling.

We are also moving towards being completely paperless with regard to our Enforcement Agents activity by using iPads instead of paper based forms.

We have recently purchased a brand new fleet of vehicles for our Enforcement Agents, which has reduced their emissions and MPG (Miles Per Gallon), whilst we are in the process of testing what savings can be made by converting the fleet of vehicles to LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), the cleaner, greener and cheaper fuel alternative.

All of our vehicles are also fitted with Tracker device systems which help us plan our bailiffs days and calls better, meaning we can react quicker by assigning the closest bailiff to an emergency call and thus saving on fuel and emissions.

We have also reduced our energy consumption and bills by encouraging staff to adopt environmentally friendly attitudes to everyday life for instance, turning off lights, computers and other equipment at the mains when not in use, as well as re-using scrap paper and other materials.